Climate Change and Environment Consulting Case Studies

CCES Involved in Establishing GHG Reporting Program for 2 Major Firms

Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) has been involved in the last year in establishing programs to comply with the Federal Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule for two major confidential industrial firms. 40 CFR Part 98 requires facilities that exceed a GHG emissions threshold to report (not reduce) GHG emissions. The rule is divided into subparts pertaining to different activities that take place at different types of industrial facilities. The emphasis of the rule is to be able to calculate GHG emission “accurately”, and not conservatively, as this may be a forerunner to GHG emission reduction (cap and trade) legislation and having an “accurate” baseline is critical.

For one firm, CCES visited the plants in question and observed operations of the activities in question. CCES confirmed exactly which subparts of Part 98 apply to their operations. CCES worked with managers and operators to ensure that they know what data needs to be collected and of what quality. New flowmeters were necessary. CCES developed the spreadsheets to input the raw data and develop the GHG emissions for the subject activities.

For the other firm, CCES helped develop their program from scratch. The Federal Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule impacted hundreds of their activities and a whole new set of software was necessary to handle the massive amount of data required from these diverse operations. CCES summarized the rules, data needs, and equations and worked as part of a team to develop training manuals, input sheets and the software which would calculate GHG emissions and provide data to be input into the USEPA software. The effort took nearly a year. However, the first submittal went smoothly and successfully and with minor adjustments will serve this firm well in the future.

If you are impacted by the Federal Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule, CCES can review your program and determine if your data collection and emission calculation system meets the USEPA’s rigorous requirements. We can also determine ways of collecting data of higher quality, with less impact on your personnel. Contact CCES soon to see how we can help you comply with this and other environmental rules.


Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) managed construction management and environmental permitting for East River Housing (ERH) Corporation for operating a boiler house to provide heat and hot water to several apartment buildings with over 2,700 units, combusting over 2 million gallons of No. 6 fuel oil annually..

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