Climate Change and Environment Consulting Case Studies

CCES Performs Energy Modeling To Pinpoint Energy Savings

On behalf of Colonial Needle Company, a light manufacturing and warehousing facility in White Plains, NY, CCES consulted on energy upgrades and performed an energy modeling study. The 1950’s era buildings implemented major energy upgrades, such as replacing single pane windows with state-of-the-art double pane units, lighting upgrades, installing additional insulation, installing a new boiler with thermostatic control and switching to natural gas, and installing solar-powered PV and hot water units. CCES helped Colonial Needle review and choose the most cost effective strategies. Energy modeling was performed to qualify it for IRS deductions under its EPAct rule. CCES collected the necessary data to enter into and run eQUEST software to compare the building’s likely energy performance with ASHRAE standards to determine both the performance of the selected strategies and qualifications for the tax deductions. In addition, CCES applied and secured grant and other financial incentives from local government and the local utility. Besides realizing a major reduction in their costs for fuel usage and electricity, Colonial Needle was also able to properly renovate unused space and leased it out to another company for additional income.


Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) managed construction management and environmental permitting for East River Housing (ERH) Corporation for operating a boiler house to provide heat and hot water to several apartment buildings with over 2,700 units, combusting over 2 million gallons of No. 6 fuel oil annually..

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