Climate Change and Environment Consulting Case Studies

East River Housing Corporation, New York, NY

Boiler Upgrade, Cleaner Fuel Switching, Title V Permitting and Reporting.

Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) announces their involvement in the successful conversion of the boilers at East River Housing (ERH), a 2,600-unit apartment complex located in lower Manhattan from burning heavy No. 6 fuel oil to burning cleaner and significantly less expensive natural gas. CCES served as the chief environmental engineer and the construction manager for the project.

ERH completed the conversion of its first boiler to natural gas in late February 2012. During its first full-month of operation, ERH determined that two-thirds or 215,000 fewer gallons No. 6 oil was burned in March of this year as compared to March 2011. While a milder winter accounted for roughly 20 percent of this reduction, the switch to natural gas resulted in an estimated savings of about $400,000 in energy expenses in just one month. New York City is currently requiring buildings to discontinue the use of heavy No. 6 fuel oil. Natural gas is lighter, cleaner, and currently significantly less expensive than heating oils. Many property owners have experienced significant cost savings of 20 percent or more. As part of New York City’s Clean Heat campaign, the City is making it easier for building owners to make the switch.


Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) managed construction management and environmental permitting for East River Housing (ERH) Corporation for operating a boiler house to provide heat and hot water to several apartment buildings with over 2,700 units, combusting over 2 million gallons of No. 6 fuel oil annually..

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