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CCES Expert(s)

GHG emissions inventories (“carbon footprinting”)

Marc Karell

Strategies to reduce GHG emissions

Marc Karell

Energy assessments

Marc Karell, Mick Gilbert, Frank Gallo

Green building evaluations

Marc Karell, Sal Behar

Carbon accounting

Marc Karell, John Fillo, Mick Gilbert

Climate change/sustainability program organization, registration

Marc Karell, John Fillo

Design of GHG data collection systems

Marc Karell, John Fillo

Life cycle assessments (LCAs)

Marc Karell, John Fillo

Renewable energy

Mick Gilbert, John Fillo

Air compliance audits / regulatory evaluations

Marc Karell, Norm Ostroff

Air permitting preparation and strategies

Marc Karell, Mark Kramer, Norm Ostroff

Air emission inventories

Marc Karell, Norm Ostroff

Design and recommendation of cost-effective air controls

Marc Karell, Norm Ostroff

Climatological and weather investigations

Mark Kramer

Indoor air quality

Frank Gallo

Water intrusion, mold infiltration

Frank Gallo

Process safety management (PSM, RMP)

Don MacDonald

Environmental management systems

Mick Gilbert

Hazardous waste assessment and treatment options

Mick Gilbert

Wastewater assessment, permitting

Julie Bjorkman

Stormwater assessments

Julie Bjorkman

Chemical storage management

Julie Bjorkman

Pollution prevention

Julie Bjorkman

Corporate social responsibility

John Fillo, Mick Gilbert

Product development and commercialization (REACH)

John Fillo

Project finance, economic analysis, capital allocation analysis

John Fillo, Mick Gilbert, Frank Gallo


Climate Change & Environmental Services (CCES) managed construction management and environmental permitting for East River Housing (ERH) Corporation for operating a boiler house to provide heat and hot water to several apartment buildings with over 2,700 units, combusting over 2 million gallons of No. 6 fuel oil annually..

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